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Horseback Riding

Following in the rich tradition of equestrian pursuits in the greater Tryon area, Lake Adger Developers assured equestrian access through deeded easements for equestrian & nature trails within the development. Many acreage tracts and farms will adjoin the "Lake Adger Trails" providing easy access for residents who enjoy a horseback ride, a family hike or a picnic with friends.

Currently, running along the perimeter of the South Side, West Ridge, North Highland Farms and North Park, trail riders can enjoy over 15 miles of protected trail in addition to the 20 plus mile private road system, which is deeded as bridle path and has substantial green space along the shoulders where possible.

Our rolling topography lends itself to a great variety of conditions, with many of the trails existing over old logging roads. The South Side trails are more moderate, while the West Ridge, North Highland Farm and North Park sections prove more challenging. There are designated areas to park horse trailers throughout the development, to access different parts of the trail. 

The "Lake Adger Trails" is for the exclusive use of property owners & equestrian organizations or nature/civic groups approved by the developers or Property Owners Association. You must ride as the guest of and in the company of a landowner.

In addition to our own trail system, a Lake Adger address allows you the opportunity to explore many other equestrian venues within the greater area. Dupont State ForestBiltmore EstateCroft State Park, and FENCE are all location destinations for trail riding. An annual membership to the Foothills Equestrian Trail Association (FETA) will give you access to over an estimated 100 miles of trail within Polk County and upper Spartanburg county.

Our "horsey" homeowners are very active and have a number of organized socials and outings each year. Join us!

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